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Body language does tell a lot, but I do not know of anyone that has been 
convicted on body language alone due to the fact it only reveals emotions. 
However, by watching their body language they know what areas to really 
concentrate on. As far as a blind detective. I do not know one, but just about 
anyone can become a private investigator if they go through the course and pay 
to be licensed through the state. State licensing here at least involves an 
exam and so much money. Some areas may not even require the course as long as 
you can pass the exam. Hypnotherapy sounds interesting. I do not plan to go 
into law-enforcement at the officer level, but due to my past career it is 
interesting. Also, when it goes on my transcript it may help me if I decide for 
a fact to go to law school. The LSAT is no joke. I took a practice LSAT earlier 
this semester and it was horrible.       

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Oh, ok. Sounds cool. I'm going to go to school to study hypnotherapy. The 
criminal stuff is interesting to me, but I'd rather watch crime shows. With 
hypnosis, I can help others better I think. Cuzz I don't think I can be a 
detective. I don't know of any blind detectives. Because don't they have to 
watch for things like body language and behavior? Cuzz just from listening to a 
crime show yesterday, this woman was supposedly crying, and I would have 
believed her. But the detective said there were no tears. Not sure how a blind 
person would be able to tell.

On 12/16/2014 11:47 AM, Josh wrote:

Yes. The Criminology class is in the Sociology department and so was the 
Criminal Justice class. In order to get any kind of Criminal Psychology classes 
I would have to go towards Pennsylvania. If I am not mistaken Pennsylvania is 
where Adrian Raines is either located or was from. This has been a couple of 
semesters ago, but if I am not mistaken Adrian Raines is kind of the go to man 
for Forensic Psychology. There isn’t a whole lot you can do with a Forensic 
Psychology degree though. So, it is basically a degree for interest purposes. 
They can do thinks such as expert witness testimony and things like that. 


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Oh, like sociology. The study of social behavior. Psychology, for psychological 
behavior, so then criminology for criminals. Makes sense. We did study a bit 
about criminals in my sociology class back in 2008, and how they developed 
these behaviors. It was actually a very interesting class.

On 12/16/2014 6:58 AM, Josh wrote:

I would say. In actuality I was supposed to take Criminal Justice after taking 
Criminology so I am taking them backwards. However, I had always thought 
Criminology was the study of criminals. In essence it is, but according to my 
Criminal Justice Prof. Criminology is the study of criminal behavior. 


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Doesn’t criminology cover all of those others?  *lol*.  


On Dec 15, 2014, at 1:01 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Well, the grades are not on official transcript yet, but I can report that I 
have an A in Marriage and Family roles and intimate relationships, an A in 
Family Stress, an A in Criminal Justice, an an A- in The Modern World System. 
This means that all of my requirements are done, now I only have electives left 
in order to graduate. Perhaps I will take Badminton *LOL*. No, just kidding, I 
already have all my class chosen for next semester. My classes next semester 
are as follows: Diversity Among Families, Human Sexuality, Human Development, 
and Criminology. 


 in my


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