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Patti’s settlement had no effect on either of our SSDI.  Lawyer told us up 
front that for her’s we didn’t need to pay any taxes.  He gave us some other 
information too concerning what to do if those involved medically tried to 
pursue us any farther to try to get her portion of the settlement too.  None of 
them did though.  Neither of course is it counted in the audit I have to fill 
out each year for SSi.  They have the info of what is in the account, but they 
only count their money and what carries over from the previous year should 
there be, which usually there is a little carry over.  But that also is a whole 
different process because I am her representative payee.  

Actually we need to get going on filling in this year’s audit.  So will need to 
corner her sister to help me with some of that because she can read all of the 
paperwork we have to back up our amounts should they need the actual paper 

Oh what a fun time of year *lol*.  Audit time!  

On Aug 13, 2014, at 11:43 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Is this a new member on the list?
> Well, this morning has been spent looking for houses to rent. We need a 
> bigger house in order to take in children who have been placed in the foster 
> care system. I have found a potential house, but of course it has to meet the 
> wifey’s approval. It keeps Little Man in the same school system for the most 
> part which is a biggie, but it also gives us one extra room which gives us 
> the room we need in order to take in other children. Now that I have done 
> some number crunching I see where our max is on what we will pay for a rental 
> each month. Over the last couple of days I have also done some questioning of 
> both tax agents as well as Social Security representatives regarding the 
> settlement that Amanda and I got for the wreck. I told the tax agent what I 
> had found regarding tax exemptions on the internet. She took down my name and 
> number and gave me a call back. The answer I received from the lady was that 
> I do not have to report the money unless it was from missed work. This is the 
> same information that I found on the internet, but I wanted to make sure so I 
> also wanted a verbal confirmation of what I found. The first tax lady back 
> when I first got the money told me that I needed to pay taxes on it, so I am 
> glad that I went ahead and did my own research and didn’t settle for her 
> answer. The next hurdle was Social Security. I poked around on the Social 
> Security internet page, but that page is horrible if you have ever tried to 
> find something on it. The answers are there, but finding them is the problem 
> because I believe too much information is there. So, I left that page and 
> just did a general Google search and found a website that I am not sure was 
> reputable or not, but nonetheless she gave some links to some reputable 
> websites. The websites said unless it is earned income then I do not have to 
> report it. So, instead of just going with what some Joe Blow says I decided 
> to give Social Security a call and wait in that massive line of callers. 
> Unfortunately my phone was not ringing or something because I chose to get a 
> call back, but when they called back my phone did not ring only gave me the 
> indicator that I had a voicemail. They tried back a second time, but again my 
> phone did not ring after I tried to fix the problem. So, the first day was a 
> fail at talking with Social Security. The second day though I started right 
> at 7 A.M. and got right through to a representative. I asked her if the 
> settlement is something that would effect my benefits. She told me that if it 
> was SSI then yes, but since I receive SSDI then I am not going to be effected 
> at all. I am glad I did a little research and talked to the people I needed 
> to talk to. This has been a busy last couple of days just dealing with these 
> things.      
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> Whatev
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> It has a nice ring to it. Hmmm, let me think about this for a while. I will 
> let you know whether I plan to use Lynn from now on or not *LOL*.
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> Blah blah blah.  Don't even think of using that name mister.  You have got 
> enough trouble without me opening a can of whoop butt on Tennessee! 
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> On Aug 12, 2014, at 9:13 PM, "Josh" <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thank you for bringing attention to this there Ms. Lynn *LOL*.
> Hi Heaver
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> Um, excuse me BethAnn, there was no call for my middle name.  How rude!  Hi 
> Josh and Tom!  
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> I didn't realize you were offering a good sized weekend getaway at your 
> expense...I would really love a vacation right about now.  How about a trip 
> to Ohio to visit Heather Lynn?
> In all seriousness, you and I seem to attract knobheads there Joshie.  You 
> with your schooling, me with doctors.  Oy!
> On Tuesday, August 12, 2014 2:45 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, it looked a little fishy or at least sounded a little fishy when Amanda 
> was reading it. Sounded like he had budgeted for me to get it, but was not 
> going to be dispersing it to me unless I needed it. Well, you know what 
> happens to that kind of money a lot of times. Someone would be havinga good 
> size weekened get away at my expense.
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> Makes you wonder what all they are doing with the money budgeted to them 
> doesn’t it?  I know in most States the budget allotment for rehab is on the 
> bottom, but it’s still pretty sizable, and at most it is frozen, not actually 
> cut.  They are more likely to cut services.  
> The biggest thing you’ve got on them is if you take it outside the agency.  
> They will listen to you then because they don’t want it outside.  It’s been 
> that way my whole life, and I’ve been around for a little while.  
> I think you can work out the rest for when it’s necessary.  
> On Aug 12, 2014, at 3:50 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The VR counselor sent me an e-mail this morning including his supervisor and 
> he attempted to clarify what he didn’t say yesterday, but says I must have 
> misunderstood because he was including funding to cover my textbooks. 
> However, he didn’t touch the fact that they cover rent and dorm room expenses 
> for students as well as meal money. He only went on to say that if for some 
> reason the money does not come in, in a timely manner then they would 
> definitely reimburse me. He isn’t getting the fact that he is doing this 
> completely different from the previous two VR counselors and he refuses to 
> provide me with any documentation regarding any changes that may have taken 
> place.
>     Interesting enough I found out before my previous counselor left that due 
> to the pay that they were offering for VR counselors, my state agency, they 
> couldn’t get anyone of any quality to take the job. This seems to be evident 
> without her ever saying the first word. I hope and pray that he gets better 
> in time and isn’t just there for a paycheck which it is seeming that way 
> right now. The good news is, he thought he was being a rather smart guy by 
> including his supervisor, but now I know who she is and have her e-mail 
> address. So, now I will start discussing all these new apparent chages with 
> her and see what she has to say about it if things continue to go down hill. 
> I believe I could do his job without a degree or at least as good as he is 
> doing anyways. Perhaps I will talk to her about taking his job *LOL* j/k.     
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> Subject: [audio-pals] FW: VR Counselor is Horrible
> I have fought my VR counselor ever since he became my VR counselor. He has 
> requested documents that no other counselor has requested, he has made 
> incorrect statements regarding whether or not he will accept the university’s 
> recommendation for a lighter courseload, he has tried to shut down my 
> continuing education, and now he is messing with my money. I did gain some 
> ground though on the continuing education because when I first started VR I 
> told them I want to go to law school. Well, the VR counselor at the time told 
> me that I should probably go with a lighter load, so I did. I did make her 
> document somewhere though that I want to go to law school.  I told my second 
> counselor the same thing and told her I may continue on with psychology. 
> Well, it gets to this guy who thinks he is all of that and a bag of *insert 
> your favorite chip here* *LOL* and I talked to him briefly once before 
> regarding continuing on and he said that they would have to see, but he 
> sounded doubtful. So, when I was talking to him seriously about it I asked 
> him if the department was going to pay for me to continue on with a higher 
> degree or if I am going to have to get representation to fight for it. He 
> didn’t answer me directly and we hung up. We started discussing it off and on 
> and he opened up the door for me to ask about law school again when he said 
> that they cannot tell me what to do. I took the window of opportunity. The 
> latest is I need to pick between law school and psychology and let him know 
> by Friday. Now, a new battle has popped its ugly head up and that is him not 
> giving me funding for my textbooks when they pay other people’s rent. He 
> wants me to go out and purchase the 5 or 600 dollars sometimes maybe even 
> $800 worth of textbooks each semester and then they will reimburse me for 
> supplies and textbooks. Um, no! This has never been done this way before so I 
> want answers as to why it is this way now other than the fact I pushed them 
> on one battle so now they are trying to come at me from a different angle. I 
> told them I fight enough battles on my own without having to fight the very 
> system that is there to help me by providing the funding I need to go to 
> school. I am hoping that I can get someone a lot better to handle this or at 
> least make him better through prayer.
>     For some reason though I thought when given the opportunity to go to law 
> school I would jump on it and run, but really and truthful I am having a hard 
> time choosing. I am actually leaning more toward mental health counselor 
> which is completely different from what I was looking at from the get go 
> because if I stayed with counseling and didn’t go for the law school then I 
> wanted to do family counseling, but now the mental health counseling is 
> appealing to me. So, now that I havea choice the turmoil has started *LOL*. 
> Do I go for a JD or do I go for an MA in counseling.     

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