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Thanks tony, I appreciate the help.
Let me check and see if I have the stereo mix option.

From: Tony Olivero 
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You have a couple of options.


First, and the easiest. If your soundcard offers a recording source of “What 
you hear”, “stereo mix” or the like, you can turn your microphone on so it is 
heard through your headphones and simply select the stereo mix as your 
recording source. This will pass *all* audio from your soundcard through to 
your recording.


If this is not an option, you can use a program like Virtual Audio Cable 
(http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.htm). This will allow you to emulate 
the stereo mix function by “patching” different audio sources into a virtual 
cable and using the VAC as the source for the recording. In your situation you 
would have to:


·         Create a Virtual Audio Cable

·         Create a repeater to send the output of the VAC to your speakers

·         Send the JAWS output to a VAC

·         Create a repeater to send your Mic input to the VAC

·         Tell Audacity to record from the VAC


The difference between the VAC and a repeater is that the repeater “clones” 
sources that cannot specifically be directed elsewhere. Since there is no way 
to control where the mic input goes, you would have to “repeat” it onto the VAC.


The third option is to use an external mixer. Connect both a microphone and the 
output from your computer to the board, mix your levels, and send the output 
back to a line-in (or direct USB if your board supports it). My Mackey has a 
direct USB connection that allows for either pass-through or non-passthrough 
audio. If I activate the pass-through switch, any sounds coming through the USB 
port into the board are also sent back out as part of the recording. This 
allows the recording and monitoring of JAWS simultaneously, while actually 
allowing me to silence JAWS on the recording, but still monitor through the 
mixer if I don’t want *everything* recorded.


I would experiment with the VAC solution if you don’t want to invest in 
external gear. Use the trial of the software and make sure it will meet your 
needs. Once you purchase it, the “demo” sound that is inserted every few 
seconds into the VAC  will disappear.


Hope this helps. Please feel free to ask if you have additional questions.



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Subject: [audacity4blind] recording


I am a beginner in the art of recording audio.

How do you record your voice and also Jaws voice with audacity?

I have successfully recorded my voice, I would like to record the jaws voice 
with me.

Thank you for any help ahead of time...


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