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Hi Ron,

What exactly are you trying to do?

did you check what version of Audacity you are using as I instructed previously?


On Mon, 22 Oct 2007, tiscali wrote:

Hi Judith.

I am trying ever so hard to make this complicated set up simple.

So now my question to anyone who can help is, is there a short cut key or some 
combination that will get me to the track portion of audacity?

Many thanks.

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 As for sound -- I'm a sighted person so I don't know what JAWS is saying to 
you but the sound volume is in the track portion of Audacity.  It's a slider 
that can be moved to the right to increase the decibels.  I usually have to set 
mine to number 9, otherwise, the recording is too low to be heard by other 
people who listen to my MP3s.

 Making the Complicated Simple!

   Thanks to all who advised me on getting Jaws to work with the above.

   In Sounds and Audio Devices in Control pannel, I unchecked the box "use only 
default devices".

   My question now is where I can learn about editing.

   When in audacity a lot of things in the menu bar are announced as  

   I can record and play, but can't do much else like volume etc.

   Any help gratefully received.


David R. Sky

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