Re: [artworks] ArtWorks PDF export, with text, to Xara

  • From: Brian Bailey <bbailey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 09:55:23 +0100

In article <4f99da7eacbbailey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Brian Bailey <bbailey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> > > I am using EFF Michael in RISC OS.


> > > I have also loaded EFF Michael in Windows Xp, too, but seemingly
> > > without any effect. As far as I can tell most of the characters are
> > > displaying, except that instead of being formatted they are all
> > > heaped up one on top of the other, so to speak.

> > If so, then that is clearly a bug in Xtreme's PDF import (or, heaven
> > forbid, in its text formatting, which is my code ;-)). Does it happen
> > for all text in this font?

I think that there must be a bug. However, the manual is also very unclear
as to whether PDFs will load correctly or not. The manual seems to saying
that loading PDFs is a definite maybe.

I have experimented = fiddled about, and the /embedded fonts/ from
ArtWorks do not display correctly. They do not /seem/ to be editable
either. Equally attempting to move text via layers (according to the
manual), which seems to imply that it should be editable, doesn't seem to
function either. That probably just means I'm doing something wrongly. The
manual is not all that one could wish for.

> I've only used Michael, so yes it does appear to be happening to all
> text. But, some text characters appear to be missing. There is no
> formatting. Ah, the lost characters are identical and if they are
> stacked they would not all be visible, I think that might be an
> explanation in part.

However, text exported from ArtWorks as shapes are editable in Xara in the
sense that individual shapes can be edited out and new text then inserted
in whatever font is desired. But I wish to edit text as text directly, for
simplicity. The recipient will wish to do their own editing directly, too.


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