Re: [artworks] ArtWorks PDF export, with text, to Xara

  • From: Brian Bailey <bbailey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 08:50:06 +0100

In article <4f9b58193ebbailey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Brian Bailey
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> > > You can work around it easily by using an EFF "Publisher" font. All
> > > the fonts on the EFF Typography CD, including the Michael font that
> > > is on it, are "Publisher" fonts (i.e., they include a Type1 file)..

> I had completely forgotten about the "Publisher" fonts. That work around
> does indeed work quite easily.

Martin, I am intrigued, but seriously showing my ignorance, does the
"Publisher" fonts Type1 file operate/work RISC OS side, please? Is it
possible to convert other fonts to "Publisher" format? That is not just an
idle question, I could actually make much use of that facility if it's

Is there a significant benefit in enhanced quality?

> > > I suspect you either have an old version of the Michael font (once
> > > upon a time the "Publisher" version was more expensive than just the
> > > RISC OS font) or you may have chosen to not install the "Publisher"
> > > version of the font when installing it from the EFF CD.

> That is entirely the case. After having had a brief chat with Martin
> off-line, having somehow corrupted !Fonts, the ArtWorks - Xara path for
> transmittal of PDF's, RISC OS > Windows Xp, for further editing and file
> format changes, does seem to be entirely viable.

For the record, someone mentioned Incscape elsewhere. Editing pdf files
with embedded Type1 fonts seems to be very easy, but loading pdf files
with text converted to shapes and Inkscape gets very upset.

Cheers, Brian

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