[argyllcms] Re: Wanted: Spyder 3 and ColorMunki Beta Testers

  • From: Graeme Gill <graeme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 23:52:29 +1100

howdy555@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
As for the compilation errors. I am using the newest DDK available
from Microsoft at


I clicked on "Download the Windows Server 2003 SP1 DDK [236 MB ISO

I haven't attempted to use Microsofts DDK with MingW, so it wouldn't
be a surprise if there were issues. Some Googling confirms
that this is rarely attempted, and a far easier path
would be to create the necessary declarations by hand
and dynamically linking to the dlls rather than trying
to #include the DDK files and link to the DDK .lib files.
(There are more than enough issues in getting it to work with
Microsoft's own compilers, never mind gcc. Why the application
level API to HID is only in the DDK is another puzzle in itself.)

Then I compiled your version of AJAM (with one change - I had to remove
all blank lines from jam.h - I do not know if those were added "in
transit" or there was an error on my side - maybe just take a look and
see if everything is OK with your version [just see if there are any
redundant blank lines in preprocessor commands] :). All in all, I do
not think this is the problem.

I'm not sure why you had that particular problem. There are some odd
things about the way FT-jam/ajam is packaged and built, but I haven't
at this stage attempted to address those problems, preferring to
leave it as close to FT-jam as possible. Perhaps it's a line
ending thing ? (ie. CR vs. CR/LF).

The problem is with usb.h, usb100.h and usb200.h, for

In file included from spectro\icoms.h:35,
                 from spectro\inst.c:43:
E:/WINDDK/3790.1830/inc/wxp/usb.h:44: error: syntax error before "PIRP"
E:/WINDDK/3790.1830/inc/wxp/usb.h:44: warning: data definition has no type or 
storage class
E:/WINDDK/3790.1830/inc/wxp/usb.h:45: error: syntax error before "PMDL"
E:/WINDDK/3790.1830/inc/wxp/usb.h:45: warning: data definition has no type or 
storage class

Is anyone interested in full compilation log? Graeme - do you want
them via PM?

It might be a better question for MingW forums, along the lines of
"how do I use Microsoft's DDK with MingW ?". At this stage
I'm not prepared to figure it out, since I have an environment
(VC++6) in which it works, and there is the workaround of
using Libusb with the Huey in any case.

It just crashes - "There was a problem with application dispcal..."


Error signature: AppName: dispcal.exe, AppVer: ModName: unknown
ModVer: Offset: 00198fe4

You've run it under gdb ?


As this is Microsoft's function, I think the problem is with my
compilation - the necessity of using Win2k libs on WinXP.

Yes, sounds something like a linking conventions problem between
the compiled code and the DDK libraries. I wouldn't waste your
time on it.

Minor thing - could you take a look at the very end of hidio.h? The following 
stuff is
outside #if #endif protection against double inclusion. Is this

/* Cleanup and then free an hev entry */
void hid_del_hid_device(hid_device *hev);

I think you're right, this should be inside the #ifdef.

One more thing - if I #undef ENABLE_NT_HID and recompile, everything seems to 
fine (I will be doing a few tests soon :) ) so my previous crash is definitely 
connected to ENABLE_NT_HID.

I think that's the case if you try and use the DDK with MingW (probably the 
wrong function call

Graeme Gill.

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