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Hey, if you guys want to use the College Park video, I definitely run up there 
and grab it. I'll be up there at some point this week, so I could definitely 
stop at the library and pick it up.

Also, I really like the table idea. I think it will really drive one of the big 
themes of the play home for the rest of the class as they figure out what the 
table is all about.

Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 17:11:16 -0400
Subject: [arcadia_group] Video Quest and Related Others
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Dan here.  I've been locating some Arcadia videos, only trouble is most are at 
out-of-state libraries (as far as free copies are concerned.)  There is one 
located in College Park, in case we want to pursue that.

Not that we necessarily need another idea, but just to throw one into the mix - 
if we want more of a physical presence for the video idea, this is from an 
article titled "Science in Hapgood and Arcadia" by Paul Edwards in the 
Cambridge Companion to Tom Stoppard (Hapgood is another of Stoppard's plays):

"At the end of the play, the table has accumulated a variety of objects
that, if one saw them without having seen the play, would seem
completely random and disordered. Entropy is high. But if one has seen
the play, one has full information about the objects and the hidden
'order' of their arrangement, brought about by the performance itself.
Entropy is low; this can be proved by reflecting that tomorrow night's
performance of the play will finish with the table in a virtually
identical 'disorder'—which therefore cannot really be disorder at all."

So, the table symbolizes an underlying theme, one of chaos/order (and touches 
on the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics).  I thought IF we go through with the video, 
and we are able to coordinate some of these things, the items on the table 
(tortoise, apple, book, etc) can act as segues to the video.  Or, if the video 
does not come to fruition, use the table as a stand alone.  I figure this could 
be an easy addition or perhaps a contingency.  I'll work on creating something 
a bit more concrete.

Finally, here are a few websites with decent references should you want/need 

Arcadia - Tom Stoppard

Eden Prairie High School: Arcadia Web Contents


How is everything coming with everyone else?


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