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On 25 Feb 2003, at 23:53, John Guilfoyle wrote:

> "My style?" Juliette pondered. "I strive for efficiency and effectiveness. In
> a true duel, where honor is at stake, it is important to abide the rules of
> the duel and best your opponent in a straight-on fight." The young woman
> blinked for a moment, suddenly seeing the scarred and bloody face of the last
> man she'd dueled -- right before she'd come to the Badlands. "But I suppose
> you mean more in terms of sport dueling. I carry a heavy paratroop rifle as my
> primary armament, and a vibrorapier for close work."

"That an interesting weapon for a duelist," Silas commented, leaning 
back in his chair.

Just then the door to the room opened up, and Mr. McMartin, Ms. 
Huang and Mr. Czeshin walked out together, making a beeline for the 
nearest exit. "Hmm, I wonder how things turned out," Jezabel asked 
herself. "I hope the deal isn't blown. That Mr McMartin was a real 

"Are they the small team that has the specialized Cheetah?" Silas 
asked openly.

"I think so," Jezabel answered. Turning her attention back to the 
conversation at hand. "So, Juliette, what do you like doing for fun?"

Dennis D. Kirkpatrick
Littleton, CO USA

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