[antispam-f] Re: Combining rules

  • From: Tricia Garner <tricia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: antispam <antispam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 16:55:19 +0100

On 09 Jun, in article <4ef07026c4tricia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
  Tricia Garner <tricia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 09 Jun, in article <4ef05c58d1antispam@xxxxxxxxxx>,
>   Frank de Bruijn <antispam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> [Snip]

> > The pseudo header keyword Recipient which was added in version 1.59 may
> > be of use to you.

> > Regards,
> > Frank

> > P.S. I just noticed the Recipient link on the StrongHelp Index page
> >      takes you to a less than useful place (need to fix that...). The
> >      page Rules->Syntax->Recipient is probably more informative. It even
> >      has an example rule using Divert...

> Ah, yes, that looks very useful. Thanks very much for pointing it out. At
> least now I know why I couldn't find it before :-) 

Further to this, I have had no success using Divert Recipient as per the
example as AntiSpam complains there is an 'Error with comparison operator
in rules file 'Rules' at line 4'.

Line 4 is Divert Recipient = list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Any idea what I've done wrong now?



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