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All I can say is.......... Ok the machine has 16 needles. the testing should 
have been done on all 16 needles not just 2 needles on a 2 color design.

Whether a machine is under warranty or not the Tech should have run a design 
that tested all colors and functions on the machine.

What Rod suggested you do is exactly what the Tech should have done in the 
first place,and based on the number of thread breaks,missed trims, registration 
problems,errors,etc,he should have then been able to determine what if any 
adjustments should be made.

Whether you are new to embroidery or not you need to be sure that the machine 
is functioning properly. Then you won't be second guessing your self when and 
if you have problems later.

Hugo Torbidoni
(The Ancona,Italy, Torbidoni's)
Melco Tech


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