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Hheheheh Nice to hear that here people like italian food  :) 
Back to Amaya the tech came, and he was quite good this time: he made with us 
All the maintenace from scratch and inspected the problems....the Crochet was 
out of position so he had to reset and align it..quite hard thing to do for a 
newbie like me, but it solved out basically all the problems i had with thread 
break.The os i have is the 1st release, the 2005, he also suggested me to 
upgrade to amaya os 2007 and later to 2009.I still have 1-2 thread breaks or 
bobbin break but quite limited (i would say 1-2 times x embroidery) and the 
machine is running at 1300 spm which i think is very nice!!
Now next step is to increase productivity and work problem free with 
hooping..so i'll prolly buy an hoopmaster and start  :)


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