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we don't go bigger than a 12 also
we also made jig out of wood that is no more than
a shelf that sticks out since it's clamped to a table
and is just as wide as the 12 hoop.
that way the cap can dangle down below and it make
it much easier to hoop.
trust me very low tech! : )
but we also draw a line representing the hat back
and that helps us with placement. It is much easier to get it
straight when the hat is down and out of the way,
we also keep the hoop loose enough that when I
get it on the machine, I can line it up by eyeballing it with the closed thread catcher gate and look for a 90 degree
angle with the center hat seam and the gate.
we also can move the frame left and right with the hoop adjustments to get it to center on the with the seam.
and you already do that everyday,
Try it out.

Ron Vinyard - Owner
Body Cover Design

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I just spent too much time sewing hat backs. I usually use a fast frame with sticky backing. It works OK until the stickness builds up and creates thread breaks.
It was worse than normal today as the shop temperature is higher than normal. I decided to hoop the back with 1 tear away and a 12cm plastic hoop.
After a couple of hats I got better at lining it up and getting it straight. On the next batch of hats the text on the back won't fit on a 12cm hoop.
I can't seem to get it hooped with a 15cm. I don't want to go back to the fast frame. Can a hat back be hooped with a 15cm hoop?

Sundown Embroidery

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