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You have to be a "cup is half full" kind of person.  "All things with time".
"Good things come to those who go get training".
Just a few thoughts.

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I'm in Prescott which is North of Phx in the mountains....still its 93
and no air...

I was thinking of the hooptech, but, I would probably be a needlecase on
the floor story.


E. Orantes wrote:

>Not easily but possible.  I just sewed two dozen cap backs yesterday and I
>used my infamous Hooptech hooping device.  But before you go run out an buy
>one, get the lowdown that we have been discussing in the last several days
>from the lists archives.
>By the way, they said it was 114 degrees in Phoenix, AR. yesterday.  Where
>are you located?
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>I just spent too much time sewing hat backs.  I usually use a fast frame
>with sticky backing.  It works OK until the stickness builds up and
>creates thread breaks.
>It was worse than normal today as the shop temperature is higher than
>normal.  I decided to hoop the back with 1 tear away and a 12cm plastic
>After a couple of hats I got better at lining it up and getting it
>straight.  On the next batch of hats the text on the back won't fit on a
>12cm hoop.
>I can't seem to get it hooped with a 15cm.  I don't want to go back to
>the fast frame.  Can a hat back be hooped with a 15cm hoop?
>Sundown Embroidery

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