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Set it to autofeed...not standard and it should be a big difference. Your loops 
are from the hat face 'bouncing' (flagging) up and down-creating loose thread 
because of the 16 setting-that is way too loose (at least from what techs have 
showed me on our big red). Pressor foot should be all the way down and back 1 
click. Otherwise it lets the face bounce, creating the loops.
Digitizing should be from bottom (brim edge of face) to the top, and wherever 
you can, lettering or design, breakit up to sew from the center out.
When I run into 'flagging' and can't split the design to go center out, I lay 
down a walk stitch 'tie down' outline of the whole design (wherever I can hide 
it with the design) from the bottom to the top. This ties that face to your 
stiff backing and it will stay still and not pucker for the rest of the design.
I use a stiff tearaway backing, and watched Hugo's video (or is it Herb's? so 
many people with excellent help in here I lose track) and make sure
that the hat is FIRMLY pushed down on the hoop station. The only time I use 
standard (manual) setting is when I play around on foam front hats.


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