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I have an old Big Red and an XT. I normally use the CCF/WAD. This hoop is not 
capable of sewing 270 degrees tho, so I use it for most standard front cap 
design logos. ALSO, do not use the wings on the cap driver with the CCF/WAD as 
they will impact the side of the frame with a wide design. I use the standard 
non-raised needle plate with this setup and the presser foot all the way down 
and up 1 or 2 clicks depending on the type of cap I am sewing on.

Flex-fit, Nu-fit style of caps, with some of the lots just have a huge build up 
of material in the bill attachment area, which causes quite a bit of poofy 
space above the sewing arm, no matter how tight you try to hoop the cap. On the 
Big Red, I sometimes will revert back to the wings and raised needle plate but 
I will then go with the WACF frames all the way on both machines with these 
caps. The XT is better for the Flex-fit problem children, as it allows the 
crown portion of the cap from the bill to the attachment seam to lay flatter on 
the sewing arm.

You just have to experiment over time with combinations to find what works best 
in different situations

There just isn't 1 magic formula that will cover all situations. For the most 
part tho, the old CCF/WAD will do the job for what I am trying to accomplish. I 
use the WACF on the XT.

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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