[access-uk] Re: out look express problem

  • From: "Catherine Turner" <catherineturner2000@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 12:50:45 +0100

Hello Hannah,

I haven't had that specific problem recently. Ages ago I had a problem with Outlook Express never responding - was using it fine for ages then suddenly it stopped responding ever again. I never fixed that problem but I doubt there are any specific similarities with your problem because this was on a different system (Windows ME, ages ago).

Apart from the general things like making sure you do a regular Windows update and having up to date anti virus software I can't think of anything specific to suggest. Except to say, just as a precaution - in case the problem does get worse and/or you get problems getting into your e-mail, make sure you do a regular backup of your e-mail and/or it's left on the server until it's deleted.

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Subject: [access-uk] out look express problem

Hi all. i've been using outlook express for the last few weeks and i have noticed a slight problem with it. Sometimes it loads up fine but other times when i'm using it the programe says it's not responding. so i have to restart the programe then it seems fine again. any one had this ishue

Regards hannah

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