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  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 15:51:40 +0100

Roger, you don't need to pay 85 pounds for it.  RNIB are selling it in daisy, 
and I am sure I read it was going to be 17 pounds.

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  I do understand the Milestone and the BC have more functions but not as 
;;many as costing £200 more. I'm a firm believer in the manufacturers see the 
disabled as a means of making more money with the equipment we need. I'm 
convinced there is a price cartel that keeps the price up because then we can't 
go elsewhere.

  When something like the Zen Stone comes along it emphasises just that point. 
Look at the price of audio books. The new Harry Potter is priced I believe at 
£85. I will be able to buy a print copy a few days after the release on the 21 
July for around £8.99 if previous books are anything to go by. But for the sake 
of a few CD's at around 8 pence each and the box to put it in we'll say a fiver 
I have to pay £85. Now if that isn't ripping off the disabled what is. The same 
is true of the players you mentioned but I'm climbing on my soapbox so I'll 
shut up now.


  Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once. 

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    Makes you wonder why the milestone is so expensive comparatively dunnit.  
any views?

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    I've ordered one of these from Amazon at £27.99 plus p & p totalling 
altogether £30.12. It arrives tomorrow and sounds from the write-ups very good. 
But at that price if it's not what I want I can give it away as a present and 
not lose any sleep.


    Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once. 

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      Just read about the upcoming release of a new screenless audible 
compatible mp3 player, at under £30 for 1gg version. and no proprietory 
software like Itunes, just use it like any USB drive.

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