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Hi all.
This really does do all the Shuffle does, with the advantage of being able to 
skip from album to album or folder to folder as well which is great.  Is there 
any way to lock the player so you don't knock a button by accident?  This 
really does now seem to be the only real reason anyone would want a shuffle, 
unless of course they really need or want to use ITunes.


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  carol and everyone,

  I now have my zen stone mp3 player up and running.  The first thing you will 
marvel at on unpacking the box is the size.  It is extremely small.  I do not 
have the specification to hand, but it must be around two inches by one inch by 
half an inch thick. It took around two hours to charge, which you can do from 
your computer's USB port.  Once I had downloaded the software from the Creative 
website, and also Brian's scripts for Jaws, I could find out the percentage of 
charge in the player, plus the free space available.  Obviously the mp3 player 
does not talk, so there is no need for a screen, even for the sighted.  The 
main controls focus around a central button which is the on/off and pause 
control.  The upper portion increases the volume, and the lower part decreases. 
 The left and right portions skip to the beginning of the track you are 
playing, or to the next one respectively.  Holding down the left or right 
portion skips within a track, or at least I believe it does.  there is a USB 
port and an earphone socket and the only other switch is one I have not yet 
figured out.  It appears to move between normal play and shuffle, and moves you 
between folders, but I cannot talk with any authority about that.  You can put 
music onto the player using windows explorer, or, if you have the software and 
Brian's jaws scripts, I believe you can add music, but I have not investigated 
this as yet.  I used explorer to put one album onto the player, and that was 
achieved without a problem.

  The sound is very good.  Even with the earphones provided it was quite 
acceptable, and using my fairly expensive Bose in ear phones it was magnificent.

  Another advantage is that you can resume playing from where you left off, 
which is particularly good if you are reading a book.

  So, my first impressions are extremely favourable.  the cost from amazon was 
£27.99 with free delivery.  It will not take the place of my Iriver, which 
holds a lot more music, but the size of the player makes it easy to take 
absolutely anywhere and I am sure I will rarely be without it.

  So far I am very impressed, and am surprised at how easy it is to use.  
thanks are due to Brian Hartgen for his Jaws scripts, which I will no doubt 
find of great assistance.

  For the price, you really can't go wrong folks, so why not take a chance and 
buy one.

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    Let us know Roger, please!


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      I've ordered one of these from Amazon at £27.99 plus p & p totalling 
altogether £30.12. It arrives tomorrow and sounds from the write-ups very good. 
But at that price if it's not what I want I can give it away as a present and 
not lose any sleep.


      Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once. 

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        Just read about the upcoming release of a new screenless audible 
compatible mp3 player, at under £30 for 1gg version. and no proprietory 
software like Itunes, just use it like any USB drive.

        Adrian Higginbotham

        Accessibility content manager

        British Educational Communications and Technology Agency - BECTA
        Tel: Direct dial 024 7679 7333 - Becta switchboard 02476-416994.

        Email: Adrian.Higginbotham@xxxxxxxxxxxx
        Web: http://www.becta.org.uk/
        BECTA, Millburn Hill Road, Science Park, Coventry, CV4 7JJ 

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