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Roger, I can agree with you about the mark up generally applied to
specialist stuff for us, and almost expected by them as of right.

Harry Potter audio version?  A bit different, or so I contend.  First
off Stephen Fry won't be paid peanuts for his commercial recording of
it, plus paying for studio time, art work, distribution etc.  Visually
impaired people are not the only audience either for these books.  OK,
so this is a popular title that will be bought by many thousands of
people, but don't forget that public libraries are a gaurantteed
market for audio book producers, and like a good bit of access tech
sales, the price can be wound up to soak the big buyers at a price
that couldn't be got otherwise.

Synical though that view just (might) be, these are the realities as I
see them.  This said, audio books, particularly unabridged ones, are
always going to be more exspensive than print versions.  The only way
this reality can be broken is with the sort of subsidy that RNIB as a
charity can bring into play when it sells the small number of talking
books that it does.   There Roger, as a blind person, is your way out
of getting the latest HP at a similar price to your print book buying
genral public.  Buy a DAISY version of the latest HP from RNIB.  (No
commission on that sale, unfortunately.)  No wonder I've never made it
in the big bad world of business!


From Ray
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I do understand the Milestone and the BC have more functions but not
as ;;many as costing £200 more. I'm a firm believer in the
manufacturers see the disabled as a means of making more money with
the equipment we need. I'm convinced there is a price cartel that
keeps the price up because then we can't go elsewhere.

When something like the Zen Stone comes along it emphasises just that
point. Look at the price of audio books. The new Harry Potter is
priced I believe at £85. I will be able to buy a print copy a few days
after the release on the 21 July for around £8.99 if previous books
are anything to go by. But for the sake of a few CD's at around 8
pence each and the box to put it in we'll say a fiver I have to pay
£85. Now if that isn't ripping off the disabled what is. The same is
true of the players you mentioned but I'm climbing on my soapbox so
I'll shut up now.


Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.

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From: Ian Macrae

Makes you wonder why the milestone is so expensive comparatively
dunnit.  any views?

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I've ordered one of these from Amazon at £27.99 plus p & p totalling
altogether £30.12. It arrives tomorrow and sounds from the write-ups
very good. But at that price if it's not what I want I can give it
away as a present and not lose any sleep.


Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.

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From: Adrian Higginbotham
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Subject: [access-uk] new accessible mp3 player

Just read about the upcoming release of a new screenless audible
compatible mp3 player, at under £30 for 1gg version. and no
proprietory software like Itunes, just use it like any USB drive.

Adrian Higginbotham

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