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Hi Terry,
Wow, if S and S are selling the N82 at 500 quid, they are fleecing people.
All the best


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If anyone is considering buying the package, you may want to consider the
S and S do the whole package for around £1780, ish, give or take a couple of
quid.  That doesn't include VAT.  The software itself is a tad under £1000,
which is the bit you can't get around.  
If you break their components down, i.e. scanning software, talks, n82, then
you can bring the cost down buy shopping around.  e.g. They sell the N82 for
£500, plus VAT, bringing it up to just under £590.  If you do a search on
line, the cheapest I found the phone for was, £280, brand new, and exactly
the same as S and S are selling.  The only difference is, about £300
cheaper.  I was told that they buy them in at cost, and sell them on at
cost.  hmmm, don't understand that part, but hey.
If you already have talks on a phone, then you can pay the £50, for another
license, saving another £100.
Still very expensive, but £400 off the S and S cost.
That isn't a snipe at S and S, just my observations, and I'm open to be

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Hi Terry and All
I put my own original K-NFB Reader alongside the K-Reader that now works on
the N82, and scanned a variety of items such as utility bills, bank
statements, medication and boxes of frozen foods.  By and large, I found the
results pretty much the same on both, but I did find the original K-NFB
Reader processed things faster than the phone version.
But what I love about the phone over the original is its size and obvious
portability.  It's amazing to sit somewhere and just bring it out of your
pocket to scan something.  Yes you can also do that with the original, but
the phone is so cute and neat.
What I don't like about the phone version over the original, however, is the
voice.  The phone only has the Eloquence English version, where the guy
frankly sounds really stuffed.  I'm obviously used to using the American
version of Eloquence, as I do with JAWS.  I know they are planning to
incorporate another voice, but please God don't let it be RealSpeak as in
Jane or whatever her name is, as she's awful as well.
I got Ian to ring the N82 number while I was reading something with the
K-Reader, and it definitely interrupts that and allows you to take your
call, only to go back to it when you end the call.  That's pretty cool I
must say.
I also really like the N82 phone.  It has a nice keypad and is smaller than
my N91 or the N95 for that matter.
While I borrowed it, I updated the N82 to the latest version of TALKS, and
that improved this habit it used to have of TALKS chuntering when you
entered the K-Reader software.  It doesn't do that now, which is much
I'm no expert about this product though, and had a play with it for a few
days.  I agree it is expensive, nobody is going to deny that, but it's a
great piece of kit if you want all the facilities of a good phone with
TALKS, plus the ability to be able to scan on your travels, all in one
I hope that helps.

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Hi Jackie 
If you get five minutes, could you give me an overview of what you thought
of the KNFB reader.
would be very much appreciated.

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