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  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 13:09:06 +0200

Hi friends, John, J-L,

I agree with John rapidly. I think that spirit and purpose of our meetings is 
to associate with friends, independently from the nationality, and to join in 
team races. I think, if we construct 2 (or more) teams we become getting a too 
large distance to the other team friends. And this cannot be the mind!! What 
was the problem yesterday? I saw none!
Expected Marcos probs with his server (not his fault!!!) we did sail seven 
races. And the fact, that two friends have to be in Spec during each race was, 
in my mind, ok. We all together had have contact and did have temperature even 
in the Spectator. Wasn't it?
Now we are eight members in UN and these are enough I think. Sometimes the one 
or other is absent (what reasons is not relevant) and so some pauses while 
races is very well for recreation (for example smoking :-)).
In this spirit

Cheers, Rick
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        JL I repeat if you want a French team go ahead with my blessing but I 
still dont agree with the ITBYC rules, in the UN we can keep your Brilliant 
site as it is and for now make two teams of 4 and keep adding members untill we 
have enough for three teams of 4 and then five and so on ad infinitum, we can 
also at present "adjust the teams by swapping players to make an even challenge 
and to learn the strategies better, as ever this is just a suggestion and I 
wait to see what you all think. 

        Cheers, John.

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          Hi John, hi good fellows !

          Thanks you Marco and Rick for the great competion you set up 
yesterday (i shall need a little bit time to put the scores lol)!

          Thanks you John for your sincer feelback. I also had messages from 
other UNT mates which all rejected the idea i had launched. That is a important 
point because UNT is not mine but own to all us who give life to it.
          Belower I however regive the problem we have to face together.

          John said:
          >            I want at first to be clear I consider ALL the UN team  
equally as comrades and mates but i think to make national teams is  not the way

          All agree as I now agree too.

          > i think we have  made a mistake to make one team too big, we can 
still make two teams  of un mixed nationalities.

          UNT becomes too large. That is the MAIN point. I wish that you say 
what you think, because in the site, we invit people to join. If we want to 
stop the recruitment, we have to delete this invitation. Do we want to stay no 
more than we are ? Do we want to stay open ?

          I suggest an alternative: UNT stays as now (8 skippers) but its site 
and mailing list can be used to ease to found and to organize new teams. What 
do you think ?




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