[24hoursupport] Re: dvd vcr tv problem

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  • Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 10:16:20 EST

In a message dated 11/12/2004 3:34:30 PM Central Standard Time, 
chizotz@xxxxxxxxx writes:
You don't mention how the VCR is hooked up to the TV. You can't hook the DVD 
player up in such a way that the VCR could conceivable record from it; there 
is hardware copy protection built into the DVD player that will prevent that 
from working, and the result is snow. In other words, you can't hook a DVD 
VCR up in the same way you used to be able to hook up two VCR units, it 
won't work.

    How about if an amp is used as a device manager?  Plug tv, vcr and dvd 
into the amp.  Would the dvd still be able to detect that a vcr is somewhere in 
the link, since they are now separated from each other?

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