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  • Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 10:11:23 EST

I've not worked with a stand alone dvd player for more than a few hours yet, 
but it sounds to me like one of 2 or 3 things is happening.  Either the dvd 
HAS reprogrammed the tv (I don't know how old it is, so I don't know if the tv 
is even capable of being "reprogrammed".  Some people today claim something 
that's only 3 or 4 years old is OLD.  To me, when you say it's an old tv, it's 
from the `70's, or beyond.); there's too many device (vcr, dvd) wires connected 
to the back of the tv, possibly to the same inputs, like the screw in things 
you talked about; or your telly can't take more than one input.
    Here at the house, I have two vcr's hooked up to the same tv and I have 
them set up piggy back style.  The cable (from outside) goes into the "master 
deck", the signal from that deck goes into the "slave" deck and the signal from 
that goes into the tv.  I'm pretty sure I culd just as easily put a dvd 
somewhere in there and still have everything work.  Our tv is only about 5 
old, if that, and, as most modern tv's (up to about 15 years old, maybe more) 
do, only has one set of inputs and no outputs.  Why this is, I know not.  You'd 
think that, with all the miriad devices and gizmos we now have to plug into 
the tv they'd give us a few more jacks to plug into.
    Two things that I can think of that you can do: 1) piggy back your decks. 
 Experiment and see which set up (dvd master/vcr slave or vcr master/dvd 
slave) will allow you to use both decks.  I have a feeling it's going to be the 
latter, because, when you set up the dvd again into the tv it will take the vcr 
signal (and all other signals going into it) and change it into it's own 
signal and you won't have to readjust anything everytime you want to play the 
through it, but it could just as well be the former.
    Or, 2) get a stereo amplifier sort of thing that will take tv, vcr and 
dvd inputs and outputs 
and put both devices through that and the amp into the tv.  That way, they 
will both work seperately without stepping on each other's signal.  My stereo's 
amp is about 20 years old and it has tv and vcr ins and outs.  My brother's 
amp is at least 27 years old and it has them too.  They didn't have dvd's then, 
so we don't have ins for that, but I think the vcr ins would also work for 
dvd, but only if dvd's pump out the same format of signal as vcr's.  For 
instance: when I got my first stand alone turntable (all others I've had were 
part of 
a consol) I plugged it into my dad's consol stereo where I normally plugged in 
the cassette deck and tried to play records that way (just until I had the 
chance to go out the next week and bought the amp).  Because the turtable puts 
out a different kind of signal than the cassette deck it wouldn't make any 
sound through the cassette ins.  So, if the dvd produces a different kind of 
signal than the vcr it can't be run through the vcr ins on the amp.
    RCA lines should work nicely for it, so you don't necessarily HAVE to use 
coaxials except, MAYBE to go from amp to tv.
    Hope this helps.

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