[24hoursupport] dvd vcr tv problem

  • From: 0e60wq102@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 12 Nov 2004 19:20:19 -0000

Our old color tv set takes either the large coaxial input, or two wires held 
down by screws.

We have a vcr player that did work perfectly with the tv before we got our new 
dvd player. 

We had to get an adapter to act as a go-between from the dvd player to the tv 
set, with three RCA cables from the dvd to the adapter, and a coaxial output 
from the adapter to the tv set. The adapter has a separate power cord to a wall 

Then we had to go into dvd onscreen controls to configure the video setup.

Now the vcr player only produces snow on the tv set, using proven good 
prerecorded vcr movie tapes that up to this time worked perfectly.

It's like the dvd player reprogrammed the tv set, or if it's too old to have a 
chip, maybe it retuned it somehow?

What do we have to do to get the tv to 'see' the vcr player now? We tried all 
channels, and nothing helps.

All I can think of is maybe use the dvd player to reconfigure the tv set, which 
would royally goof up the dvd settings, so I don't want to try that.

We have a lot of old vcr movies we want to be able to see, but we want the dvd 
player to work with it also.


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