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  • Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 16:18:33 -0800 (PST)

 Hi, We did not know how best to hook things up. The VCR is so old it was
made before the invention of dvd players, so I don't know how any 'anticopy'
protection would work unless it is all on the dvd side. Anyways, even a used
dvd is so cheap and high quality, I don't know why anyone would want to put
in on a scummy clunky old vcr when it's illegal anyways.
As for us, we have a few vcr tapes that it's cheaper to just hang onto and
play on the vcr, so we simply wanted to like you say, be able to switch on
the one or the other and have both go to the tv without a lot of plugging
andunplugging of cables, which is a nuisance and guaranteed to make
somethingfail over time. So we ran the output from the dvd into the rf
modulator, then to the vcr input, then from the vcr output to the tv.

Trouble was, the vcr tape head decided shortly after that to get extra
dirty,making us think the dvd somehow toasted the vcr.

Not so. The dvd player did not damage the vcr, or reprogram the tv. It was a
dirty tape head. A model-maker's paint brush with the bristles cut to 1/4
inch long, makes a gentle but stiff tape head scrubber used with rubbing
alcohol or lens cleaner. This might goof up a cheaper vcr player, but ours
just always cleans up and plays practically  like new again. 

Then follow up with a lens polishing cloth. Our vcr unit cost about $400
about 10 or 15 years ago, and is such high quality it's like the Everready
Bunny, it keeps on going and going. We've only had to replace the drive belt
once, and the other belts worked fine again with an application of auto fan
belt spray on a q-tip.

So we can do it that way with the dvd going to the rf mod, to the vcr, to
thetv, and it works okay.

However, the dvd tech person said the best way to do it is to have the new
dvd and old vcr both go to the rf mod on different inputs, then go from the
rf mod output to the tv. The vcr goes to the antenna input and the dvd to
thetriple-RCA inputs.

Thanks for the info. :)


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