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It could also be due to lightning or other surges.  In my old house I had
no less than three modems hit by lightning and two of them would dial up
out of a cold boot, but they would not go off hook after the connection was
closed.  If you reboot your computer, dial out and connect, then close and
try again and it doesn't go off hook it can be a hardware problem as well
as the other things mentioned.


On 2/3/2003 at 4:37 AM a whisper was heard, and the one known as Spider was
rumoured to have uttered....

          |  As has been said, your modem is not hanging up
          |  properly.  The most
          |  common cause for this is an incorrect driver.  Make sure you
          |  are using
          |  the proper and most updated driver for your modem.  Try
          |  searching on the
          |  Internet for your model of modem and download the most current
          |  driver.
          |  If this does not resolve the problem then the odds start
          |  favoring a
          |  hardware problem.
          |  Spider
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          |  Hello all!
          |  I am running win 98 on a pentium 166 w/64 mb ram. I bought an
          |  old, (but
          |  new in box) Compaq/Microcom 510 plug & play serial/parallel
          |  external
          |  modem.
          |  I installed the modem on com2 (my only external port) as a
          |  serial modem.
          |  I cannot use it as a parallel modem for other reasons.
          |  The modem worked fine after install and got on the net
          |  quickly, but
          |  after disconnect and trying to re-connect, IE5 says "cannot
          |  find modem".
          |  I click modems in control panel and go to diagnostics and get
          |  "port
          |  already open" 
          |  I remove and re-install the modem and once more it gets on the
          |  net. On
          |  disconnect the pattern repeats.
          |  I cannot turn off the modem, (no switch) except by unplugging
          |  its power
          |  supply, but this doesn't help
          |  Any advice is appreciated, even a DOS batchfile to close com
          |  2. Thanks, 

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