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Hi Michele,
if you check around you may be able to find sealtite keyboard covers.
You may have seen them in Fast food outlets to protect the keypoards.
Keyboard Protector Membrane Shield

Protect your computer keyboard/laptop from dust, dirt, and spills while you
type. Fentek's keyboard protectors are made of a thin soft polyurethane
membrane that wraps around the keyboard and keys for protection, yet won't
interfere with the speed or accuracy of your keystrokes. They are custom
designed to mold to your specific keyboard model in a non-glare matte
finish. A perfect solution for use in offices, factories, hospitals, service
stations, restaurants...wherever keyboard protection is required. 
                                              SPECIAL PRICING! [limited time
(most models available for immediate shipment)

Quantity Price 
1-4 $12.95 
5-24 $11.95 
25-49 $10.95 
50-99 $9.95 
100+  Call 

I hope this helps
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On 05/02/2003 at 12:03 AM Michele wrote:

>>Cleaning Laptop Keyboard<<

Thank you very much.  I'm glad to know the keys can come off.

By the time she gets finished with that little project, she'll have vowed
never to put liquid near the computer again.  :)


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