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That's actually the opposite direction.  Some CD recorders will not accept
the normal data CD-Rs.  You should never need to purchase the so-called
"Music CDs," unless you have one of those devices (normally a $1000+
pricetag goes with them).

The most likely reason for failure is CD-Rs are just slightly less
reflective than professional CDs, so some devices won't read them.  CD-RWs
are about 1/3 as reflective as CD-Rs, so very few devices outside of
computer CD-ROM drives can read them.

Bottom line, don't waste your money on the "Music CDs."  They're probably
not the source of the problem.

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On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Trish Doran wrote:

> Maybe you need to use one of those special "music only" CDs. I asked a
> question about those once and was told that some CD players will reject a
> homemade CD that isn't recorded on the music only CDs.
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> > I did finalize the cd, and recorded it as a music cd.  It plays well in my
> > car cd. My cd player is a sony cd/dvd/video cd
> >
> > I took some other cd's from the car cd that I had recorded some music on.
> > The sony says'no disc"
> > The sony is 2 years  old.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Wilson

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