Computer Science

All aspects of programming, computer science theory, operating systems, databases, etc.

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LandXML discussion mail list

LandXML: open, XML based standard data exchange format for civil engineering design data and survey measurement data used in the Land Development and Transportation Industries.

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Mailing list for the Pelagios project's HTTP APIs

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GeekStation Dakar

A geeky meetup on Dakar each three week. We talk technology, and gather trollcoin for bashing Java. We are on twitter too @g33kstation

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Blake Krehely Game Updates

Receive updates from Blake about his website and his free software.

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Machine Learning Seminars/Priberam

This list is about the Machine Learning Seminar series at IST/UTL sponsored by Priberam.

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Synskadades Datorlista (SDL)

Hej och välkommen! Det här är en e-postlista som speciellt vänder sig till synskadade datoranvändare. Här kan alltifrån enskillda datorprogram till mera hårdvarurelaterade ämnen diskuteras. Den här listan är öppen för alla! Observera dock att personer med synskada ska kunna ha utbyte av inläggen som görs. För att gå med registrerar du dig här på sidan genom att fylla i din mailadress och välja valet "subscribe" och trycka go.Du kan även skicka ett mail med ordet subscribe i ämnesraden till: Om du har några frågor så kan du kontakta mig på administratörsadressen: Varmt välkommen!

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P2P Internet Sharing Architecture

This is the development list for PISA, the P2P Internet Sharing architecture.

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DFA Resource

This mailing list is a part of implementation of the Daisy for All Project. The DAISY For All Project was conceived by the standing committee of the DAISY Consortium on the developing countries. The objective of the project is to encourage production and dissemination of Digital Talking Books in the developing countries and to provide information in accessible format to the persons with blindness in developing countries in their local languages. This would be done through creation of content in the local language and developing playback and talking book authoring tools in local languages. To see details about the DFA project visit the web site: To see the details about DAISY Consortium and to learn about the DAISY Standards and related technologies visit The objective of this mailing list is to enable communication, sharing of experiences and facilitate collective learning among organizations who are receiving DTB production training under the DFA project. This mailing list has been started by The National Association for the Blind – New Delhi - India. NAB Delhi is one of the resource centers established under the DAISY For All Project. National Association for the Blind is a non- profit organization working mainly in the field of integration of persons with blindness in the mainstream. For more information about us visit Prashant Verma Moderator

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Sinclair QL mailing list

Italian Mailing List for Sinclair QL and compatible computers (former Yahoo group Sinclair-Italy mailing list)

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Discussion Of FreeDict Dictionaries For Users And Developers

This list is the central communication channel for the FreeDict project. Users can ask questions, request help, request features and contact the Freedict developers. The development issues are discussed here as well.

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Adak Coderspace

This Mailing List is for the members of the Adak Coderspace

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ACGNJ E-Mail List

An e-mail list for announcing events at ACGNJ.

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Codefest ITBHU

Codefest is the online coding festival of Department of Computer Engineering, ITBHU, India. Codefest has seen participation from the world's best coders who have been constant participants and winners at TopCoder, Google Codejam and ACM ICPC. Codefest users require to be intimated about the different technical events being held at the festival. Also, they would be updated about the tutorials, technologies and the latest happenings at Codefest.

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uEagle News

uEagle Driver for *BSD - News

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Keylists Discussion

Discussion for Internet draft "Distributing OpenPGP Keys with Signed Keylist Subscriptions". Datatracker available at <> and source at <>

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