Computer Science

All aspects of programming, computer science theory, operating systems, databases, etc.

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Man. Comm + Working Comm.

We are a group of students of Manipal Institute of Technology, department of computer science and engineering. We are also part of IEEE (CSE branch) better known as IE-CSE, i.e. Institute of Engineers Computer Science and Engineering. This list is to help us working committee and managing committee members to communicate and share our views as we hold workshops on various topics starting from Game Design to Photoshop to HTML+CSS, etc and hold technical competitions and events.

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We are discussing topics covered in the Accenture 2010 Immersion course in Java such as Java classes, objects,methods and so on. Any participant on that course is invited to share their thoughts and research

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SAP ABAP programming learners group

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IECSE Board 2011

This list is solely for the purpose of communication among the Working Board of present Year 2011 of the Club IE CSE ( Computer Science).

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SEP 2012 an der TU Darmstadt

Software Engineering Project an der TU Darmstadt. Diese Liste wird zur Projektkommunikation verwendet. (This list will be use to communicate between the engineers)

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Vashon Digital Alliance

Vashon Digital Alliance is comprised of Vashon residents who work in the computing industry (including hardware, software, development, and use of computers for profit) who seek to support one another in our endeavors.

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Python BootCamp 2011

List for the participants of the Python BootCamp; Summer term 2011

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