Computer Science

All aspects of programming, computer science theory, operating systems, databases, etc.

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Technology Management

To debate what the best methods and solutions are to calculate the capacity and availability of IT-infrastructure, like Novell, Microsoft and UNIX. What are the Key Performance Indicators?

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assistance for students of java3 at vwcc

a way for java students at virginia western community college to assist each other in developing their progrmming skills.

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Invicta RISC OS Users Group

RISC OS computers.

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Tips, Tricks and Help for Oracle DBA

Hello All, Thanks for taking time to read this.. and plan on joining this list.. Please be aware.. and take resposibility of what you post.. I as a LIST OWNER will not take any resposibility for the contents posted here.. Subscriber and all others who post information / material / contents / etc.. are themselves solely responsible. LIST OWNER CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. Please feel free to use this list for great discussions and also for the benefit of others including yourself.

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Virginia CPC Users

List will be comprised of IT professionals and tax accounts who are users of Coastal Pacific Corporation (CPC) tax administration software. Will be used to exchange technical information, user tips, and to schedule training and other educational activities. Focus will be on application but will also include ancillary and peripheral issues such as utility helper applications, hardware, and new developments in information technology that might relate to the application area (revenue accounting).

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Oracle DBA Apps

DBAs who work on Apps and general databases. Join the group and share knowledge

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Webbased HTML forms as interface to MS Access

Information shared concerning the use of HTML data forms that enable clients/friends to enter their data and that data is input into a MS Access database

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The Get GIS is an open forum for programmers, GIS technicians and GIS enthusiasts to share their knowledge, and programs. We support freewares!!

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Cyberblind is list which gathers blind and vision impaired computer users who use screen reader or Braille display in Croatia, Slovenija, Bosnia. The list is open to all who are interested in this topic and who can help in this matter. Any kind of vulgarity or insult towards any member of the list is strictly forbidden, as well as any kind of advertising.

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Optimizing OSX

A list for sharing information on Apple's latest operating system, how to optimize it and your computer, and for asking/answering questions. Covers everything from newbie/beginner questions to advanced users, programmers, and power users. Share your favorite OSX tips and post lots of questions, thanks!

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All the Vb.Net new tricks and tips Do you know how to make a webpage from a windows object? how to Two click and making a form that connect to a SQL server

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Media Information

Info and directly realted topics concerning Magnetic Media, CD and CD-R media

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The Thakur College MCA Group

This is a group of the amazing upcoming MCA professionals of Thakur College. Mainly meant for communication between students when they're not in college, this list should also provide a good means for exchange of valuable information found online which would otherwise not be so well utilized.

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Kernel Panic E-Zine

Operating systems, Networking, Computers and Electronics. We are a free Plain-text electronic zine about technology in general.

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DATA List of Nguyen Manh Hung

This list is used to send shared information, data to everyone in our group. Members can use this list to send their own data and received data from the others more quickly

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