Computer Science

All aspects of programming, computer science theory, operating systems, databases, etc.

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Swift Cataloguing and Acquisitions Sub-Committee

Cataloguing and Acquisitions Sub-Committee of the Swift Library Consortium, using the SirsiDynix Symphony Library management System.

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ALPHA Protocol

ALPHA is a lightweight protocol for hop-by-hop authentication.

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Anti-Spam Mailing List

Private discussion based on the nana-e Usenet group.

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SAP ABAP programming learners group

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IS MSc Alumni

List for graduates of the Royal Holloway Information Security MSc distance learning course and Information Security Group faculty. Hence discussion will be of Information Security related topics at postgraduate level - crytography, security management systems, computer forensics, intrusion detection, host security, access management etc. How much more technology-related does it need to be?

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Amiga Meetings in and around Osanbrück and Bielefeld (Germany)

Mailing list discussions about lying back and ahead User meeting. There are however other issues dealt with around the Amiga.

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V.I. Programmers Discussion List

Discussion group for visually impaired computer programmers

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