Computer Science

All aspects of programming, computer science theory, operating systems, databases, etc.

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problem solving

making the "world" better by solving CS related problems!?

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Mailing list for a free sql client called JiSQL.

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InProgress... The Newsletter

Discussion of just about anything computer related, generally when something makes me mad. Helpful information sometimes, hopefully fun to read the rest of the time.

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administrateurs r�seaux de syst�me d'information hospitalier

Administrateurs r�seau de syst�me d'information hospitalier

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Cyber Forensics Discussions

Discussions regarding the certification and digital forensics in general

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The Free Software Announcement List, Goa-India

A low-volume mailing list to announce updates related to Free Software, including GNU/Linux activities, in the state of Goa on the west coast of India.

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The FOSS Project Official Mailing List

The open-source project development mailing list for the FOSS course

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Network Access Control System bypassing topics : tunneling, covert channels, network related steganographic methods. Computer security research.

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Welcome to An unmoderated forum to help unleash the power of your Netezza Data Warehouse

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Hacker Dad blog

Receive updates to the Hacker Dad blog at

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students 1 discussion list

student discussion list

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the podcaster network

In this list, u can discuss anything regarding podcasting. U can also share your podcasts with other members as I will share my podcasts with you. The podcasts should be technological. U can also share technological articles and tutorials

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Discussion on the use of GeminX devices on RISC OS - a modern PC Card for vintage and modern RISC OS machines

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University Robotics

Videos, Pics and texts of universities robotics projects world wide. View and discuss.

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USC Programming Team Admin List

Mailing list for the USC Programming Team coaches and list admins

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