Computer Science

All aspects of programming, computer science theory, operating systems, databases, etc.

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GSG-Systemhaus News

Commercial Information for our customers, Virus- and security alerts, Suitable information for their networks

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Hootcoin tokensale and ICO updates

Hootcoin tokens source of truth for ICO and token sale updates Decentralized hoot nodes will earn crypto-token incentives HOOT Coins

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CUBE International Information Technology Conference & Exhibition

This is the official group of CUBE International Information Technology Conference & Exhibition. CUBE is founded by Dr. Vidyasagar Potdar. The main themes of CUBE are cloud computing, smart grids, software engineering, business analytics, networks, security, image processing, management & databases.

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System threat discussion

Discuss the effect, prevention and future trend of system threats for anti-virus engineer, security experts and professionals.

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Network Access Control System bypassing topics : tunneling, covert channels, network related steganographic methods. Computer security research.

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Tech Fridays : Reincarnated

'Tech Fridays' is reincarnated in a new avatar...Powered by the Internet and YOU, it is now a place for gyaan-sharing and open discussion about all things tech. Participate, share, learn, and grow.

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STISE Operating System

About the STISE operating sytem, a commercial operating system which is aiming to be the next BeOS. The project is semi-open source.

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USC Programming Team Admin List

Mailing list for the USC Programming Team coaches and list admins

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CISO 18 group mailing list

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kochi hardware club

for the latest in computer hardware and consumer electronics industry for technical hardware discussions for all the whitepapers and most of troubleshooting hardware and a watch on the current local and international hardware market with and finally providing support for services and other stuff

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Lista de XtremePc, hardware, software, news, internet, tecnologia, redes y todo lo que necesitas saber de xtremepc

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Open Source Content Management

Build a enterprise Content Management software but open source.

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dataplus customers list

This is for any end-users using the dataplus software software products to discuss and report any bugs and etc found in this software.

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network simulator

network simulator for teaching, laboratory work and network programing at UG/PG level.

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University Robotics

Videos, Pics and texts of universities robotics projects world wide. View and discuss.

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