Computer Science

All aspects of programming, computer science theory, operating systems, databases, etc.

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Irqbalance development list

Patches and development discussion for the irqbalance daemon

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News and discussion about the Conserity open project. Conserity is a server security system to strengthen any Linux service and protect its critical data.

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Spectranet Mailing List

Get updated whenever there is news about Spectranet - the ethernet interface for the ZX Spectrum!

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DataVerse User Group

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Wearable Computer Lab

Mailing list for UniSA's Wearable Computer Lab

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Mailing list for subjects related to the Unicamp laboratory.

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Programming with C at VCTC

This mailing list is for students of 'An Introduction to Programming with C' at Veterans' Outreach Center's Veterans' Community Technology Center, in Rochester, New York.

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FIRST 3081 RoboEagles Programming and Electronics

List for members of the Kennedy RoboEagles programming and electronics team.

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PrefBar user discussion list

Mailing list for PrefBar users

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Vote électronique

Discussion list about dangers of electronic voting. Language is French. Created by (France, more about us, in English: & (Belgium) & citizens from Quebec (Canada).

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Mikes VrirusInfo

Anti-Vrirus and Trojan warnings,software, firewalls, updates,and tips

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Wily Users

Wily is a free mouse-oriented, text-based working environment for UNIX programmers. Its most attractive qualtities are simplicity, power, and speed.

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ISTU group 19-1 discussion list

This a ISTU (Izhevsk State Technical University) (Izhevsk, Russia) students discussion list.

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RaspberryRO Support Mailing List

A mailing list for support and discussion about anything that is specifically RaspberryRO related.

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TechMeetup Inverness

TechMeetup Inverness is an opportunity to meet up with like-minded tech people in Inverness.

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