Computer Science

All aspects of programming, computer science theory, operating systems, databases, etc.

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The IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E)

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Mailing lista upravnog odbora.

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Infos du serveur

Une association de fait qui regroupe des geeks, nolifes, nerds, technophiles, amateurs, autodidactes… L’association a créé une plate-forme qui permet de se familiariser avec le CMS SPIP (Système de publication pour l’Internet) qui est un logiciel libre destiné à la production de sites web et de son plugin squelette ESCAL proposant un affichage en 2 ou 3 colonnes avec un large choix de noisettes à insérer ou pas, fortement paramétrable depuis l’espace privé.

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AST 2010 - NEWS

News of the AST 2010 workshop

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Aspen Mud engine discussions

This list was created to enable discussions and announcements pertaining to the Aspen MUD engine, found at

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SEPM Projekt

Software Engineering & Projektmanagement LU Mailinglist

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Eddie's PC help and support newsletter. This is a semi-regular newsletter giving handy PC hints and tips as well as advice for people in and around Chelmsford, Essex. It is mainly aimed at helping people who are less experienced with computers.

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Lisbon Machine Learning School 2012

This is the official list of the Lisbon Machine Learning School 2012.

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Julia Users Berlin

Mailing list for Julia programming language users group, Berlin. Main topics: organisation of meet-up events.

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Programmers' Meet

This mailing list is for the Programmers' Meet Club at Drexel University.

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This is the mailing list for the HPC user of the IICBA @ UAEM. Mainly CINC and CIQ researchers, students and sysadmin.

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IEEE Security and Privacy Associate Editors in Chief

Members will be the handful (<8) of Associate Editors in Chief of the magazine IEEE Security and Privacy. I'm the Editor in Chief and want to have a list we all can use without involving google.

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Talk about bioinformatics and computational biology in general in the industry / larger companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Language: german.

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GoTracker Beta Testers

Prerelease discussion for GoTracker beta testers and close friends.

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Spatiala Developer ML

Mailing list for Spatiala (Spatial Audio Engine) Developers.

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