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  If we are speaking of a wordprocessing file, why not save your XY
  document in RTF and call up the RTF file in MSWord in Open Office?
  It could not be easier.  It takes about 7 seconds, and most of that
  is time spent on locating the RTF file while in MSWord.

  If it's a matter of saving only a section of a XY document, copy
  the section, paste it into a new document, and then save as RTF; or
  alternatively, save the whole XY document as RTF and load that into
  MSWord, and then cut the unwanted sections.

  I don't see a problem here, but I may be misunderstanding the

  M.W. Poirier

On Wed, 24 Mar 2010, Avrom Fischer wrote:

Since at least three quarters of the posts are over my head, I do not
  know whether my comments add anything but here goes.  I run xy4 from a
  full screen in xp pro using the icon Robert described a few years ago.
  When I want to switch between xy4 and a windows application, I save my
  document with a txt extension after stripping out the deltas.  I than
  call it up in notepad and paste the retrieved document in the windows
  applicaton I want to use.  When converting a document generated by
  windows application such as excell or word, I paste it into a notepad
  since it seems to strip out hard returns, store the file with a txt
  extension and than retrieve it in xy.

I assume there is a better way of doing the conversion back and forth,
  but at least I understand what I am doing and so far it works.

I still have working copies of word for word so if I want to preserve
  formating I use word for word for conversions both ways.

Will any of my procedures work on a pc with windows 7.

avromf@xxxxxxx<mailto:avromf@xxxxxxx> or 

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 This has to be a very awkward and unnecessary way to go. Xy works just
 peachy under XP. The cocoon he has to break out of is the idea that
 full-screen is better than a big window. Virtual PC is overkill.


 >If you are upgrading to XP, you must break out of your cocoon and find a
 >new cozy nest for your DOS applications. VirtualPC is a good choice. This
 >way you can run your apps under native DOS and full-screen. Copying data
 >gets done through a shared folder as files.
 >To install VirtualPC, go to my utilities page
 >1) download MS Virtual PC 2007 (Windows Vista or Windows XP)
 >2) download my DOS Additions 
 >unzip it and open the readme file for installation instructions (DOS
 >additions are needed to share a folder between DOS and XP)
 >3) install DOS into the virtual machine, then the DOS additions, and
 >applications (Xy). If you install Windows 3.11 on top of DOS, you can use
 >networking and DOS boxes, but this is a bit more complicated, and a not
 >needed for basic operation.
 >One added benefit is that once you have your DOS apps in a virtual
 >machine, you can copy the virtual machine to a newer operating system,
 >i.e. it is totally portable.
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 >Kari Eveli
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