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This has to be a very awkward and unnecessary way to go. Xy works just peachy under XP. The cocoon he has to break out of is the idea that full-screen is better than a big window. Virtual PC is overkill.


If you are upgrading to XP, you must break out of your cocoon and find a new cozy nest for your DOS applications. VirtualPC is a good choice. This way you can run your apps under native DOS and full-screen. Copying data gets done through a shared folder as files.

To install VirtualPC, go to my utilities page ( and

1) download MS Virtual PC 2007 (Windows Vista or Windows XP)

2) download my DOS Additions (, unzip it and open the readme file for installation instructions (DOS additions are needed to share a folder between DOS and XP)

3) install DOS into the virtual machine, then the DOS additions, and applications (Xy). If you install Windows 3.11 on top of DOS, you can use networking and DOS boxes, but this is a bit more complicated, and a not needed for basic operation.

One added benefit is that once you have your DOS apps in a virtual machine, you can copy the virtual machine to a newer operating system, i.e. it is totally portable.

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