[Wittrs] Re: Cayuse- Consciousness bodied and disembodied

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> Would it be possible for you to be loyal without a body?

After I'm gone, hopefully those who knew me still consider me loyal. In
other words, what we have to say about a person's loyalty is irrelevant
to his body. I'm inclined to say, not all concepts all relevant in all

> It can be useful to say"I was thinking" if the word "thinking" is
taken to denote some aspect of
> information processing going on in a physical organism,

Again, the concept of thinking may or may not be linked to a location.
Question: Where were you thinking? Ans: In the shower. OK. But, for the
most part, location isn't a relevant consideration to evaluating and
understanding the thought. In the brain? Yes, perhaps, if that is the
object of study, viz., the brain activity associated with thinking.,

> But I still have no idea what it means to say "I experience my

Perhaps you have seen no use for this concept. People who are obsessed
with unwelcome thoughts do.

> If so then what is it that is conscious

I am conscious. I am conscious of myself being conscious of myself, or
self-conscious, if you will. An infinite regress would be neat but I
can't see to make it happen.

> Is conscious experience anything more than the sum total of the
> data that constitute it?

Yes, The mode I'm in, the felt-sense, the feeling state, the hurried or
slow down thoughts....Hence I find it useful to distinguish between the
person and what is going on with him. I guess we could treat everyone
the way we treat the computer or the TV. We don't ask of these physical
objects whether they have a point of view apart from the context they
are processing and transmitting.


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