[Wittrs] Re: Cayuse- Consciousness bodied and disembodied

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--- In Wittrs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Cayuse" <z.z7@...> wrote:

> After you're gone those who knew you would not say
> that "Bruce is loyal" but rather "Bruce was loyal".

would they be referring to the ashes in the urn?

> In the same way the statement "Bruce is a person" would
> only be valid while Bruce is alive

How about a fictional Bruce, neither dead nor alive. One I just made up.
Doesn't even exist in a text or film.

> It's not that I have seen no use for this concept but
> rather that I can't make any sense of the statement.

What would help me at this point. List the statements that make no sense
to you. I feel like I've lost the thread. I'll read on. See if it

> I'm asking what the word "I" denotes in the claim "I am conscious",
> but I'd also be interested to hear how the word "conscious"
>is being used when that claim is made.

Refers to whoever is making the claim. I'd be waiting hear "conscious of
what" or, if he had been in a trance, I'd take it to mean he had come
out of it. Does this help?

What is it about the ordinary use of "I" to refer a person and/or
conscious agent troubles you?

Bruce wrote:
The mode I'm in, the felt-sense, the feeling state, the hurried or slow
down thoughts....

> These are just parts of the data that constitute consciousness.

But no one in particular? Do you think of conscious as being made of
building blocks of words, feelings, just there in some container, but
with no ownership?

> The way I treat the TV is quite different to the way I treat the dog,
> which is quite different again to the way I treat another person.



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