[Wittrs] Re: Cayuse- Consciousness bodied and disembodied

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To condense our Posts
--- In WittrsAMR@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Cayuse" <wittrsamr@...> wrote:
> BruceD wrote:
> > Bruce can be described a person apart from any body part.
> But not apart from a body.

Why not? That I'm loyal doesn't refer to any body part.

--- In WittrsAMR@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Cayuse" <wittrsamr@...> wrote:

> BruceD wrote:
> > I experience my consciousness

> I see the monitor screen.

Yes. That's an object. But I have other experiences which are not
objectified. My sense of self, of being me and not you, the felt sense
of impending doom, the weariness of....

> But I have no idea what it means to say "I experience my

Do you now?

> I understand "the empirical" to refer to a /category/ of the data of
> conscious experience,


> Consequently it seems incongruous to me to claim that conscious
> experience is "all about" the empirical.

Aren't we conscious of the data and conscious that we are conscious of
the data?

> There is more to the data of conscious experience than just the

I need help in getting this. Give an example.

> That loop is part of our conceptual model of an organism's ability to
> process information. According to that model, there is no reason why
> information processing cannot go on "in the dark"

Right!. Most of what goes in with us we are not immediately aware of.
But remains consciousness in the sense that it is potentially accessible
to consciousness.

> If you specify some aspect of behavior as being dependent upon
> conscious experience,

then, of course, one can question the dependency. But this way of
putting it splits consciousness from behavior. If, alternatively,
behavior is only behavior (in contrast with reflex movements) if it is
informed by and an expression of consciousness (if we think this way)
then behavior isn't dependent upon consciousness --rather, to borrow
Stuart's phrase -- two sides of a coin.


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