[windows2000] Re: Windows 2000 domain upgrade

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  • Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 13:12:09 -0500

1)       you must go to Windows 2003 SP1 for your DCs. 

2)       If you have remote offices with DCs check rpc settings for
timeouts, we did have some issues with this setting being changed with

3)       Verify all hardware drivers with SP1 before you roll it out,
some video and other drivers MUST be upgraded, this was our biggest
issue and we had issues with SCSI, video and network cards

4)       Start simple with local FSMO servers and make sure you have a
plan in place to move roles around


We did all of our 54 DCs in about three weeks. Without SP1 we ran into
all sorts of crazy issues, even with all of our testing.

We use HP servers, but we have seen the same driver problems on eval IBM
and Dell servers when applying SP1

Remove any third party software you can before any server upgrades, by
removing the monitoring, AV and backup software, we were able to script
an in place upgrade from W2K to W2K3. 

Plan, test, plan some more and good luck, thankfully this is less
complex than Nt4 --> W2K, or initial AD design/implementation,




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First thing I did was determine the compatibly of all my apps and

(Although my Websense DC agent doesn't work now even though their
support insisted it was 2003 compatible.)


Then I made a spread sheet 'server plan' . what  server does what and
how it was gonna move things around during the upgrade. 


Now it's in MS project timeline. 


My DC's are done, Terminal Servers ( licensing is a biggy),backup and
one webserver are complete

Doing Exchange next week. 



From: Dave stevens [mailto:london31uk@xxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [windows2000] Windows 2000 domain upgrade


Hi Guys,



I have just been tasked with comming up with a detailed plan for our
2000 domain upgrade to 2003. 

Does anyone have any tips  / whitepapers that would help.


Currently it is a single domain, multiple sites setup we have. Any
suggestions would be helpful.







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