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Speaking of which, upgrading from win2k DCs to win2k3 DCs has a tendency
(known to MS) to leave GPO-templates and policies from win2k. Ie they are
not upgraded to the win2k3-level. If you upgrade this way, you may want to
look this up.

This has been the case when I did the upgrade on two domains, from win2k to

All kinds of weird problems can arise, w/o any apparent reason...

Dunno if you were going this upgrade path, but thought it was worth
mentioning, as doing a fresh install isn't always an option.


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  By the way what seems to be the great scare with in-place upgrades?

In place upgrades make me feel dirty!

I guess it's a throwback from 9x? Having a domain controller that
potentially has "bits" left behind from a previous generation OS doesn't
fill me with confidence..
I've not actually done a domain upgrade yet, so I don't know how good
upgrades are nowadays - it's just the icky feeling it gives me ;)


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