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You aren't happy with the employment at that place you're at now (a bank?), if you don't mind me asking?

Be careful what you ask. I think I've written about 85,000 pages on this topic to my coworkers since giving my notice. :]

Basically, think about what a lot of guys will say to a woman who will not put out. "If I can't get it from you, I can always get it somewhere else." That's kinda how I feel at my current job. I'm a programmer, yet I can't remember the last time I wrote a single line of code. To be cocky, I know a lot of stuff about non-programming things, and because of that, I get dragged into EVERYTHING. Knowledge is punishment. But, well, I ~need~ to code. And if I can't do it here, I'm going to go do it somewhere else.

That's the real motivater in all of this. I've been looking to get the F out of here for two years now, and I'm just now finally getting off my ass and doing it. There are some really good things about this place. Like, I can pretty much do whatever I want when I want, within reason of course. The job security here is ridiculous. I love the people I work with. But, it's time to move on.


LOL! You as a truck-driver? You never struck me as the truck-driver type in smelly baggy blue-jeans and a cowboy straw-hat, chewing tobacco. 8-)

I don't think I'm the truck driver type either. :] But, I've done a lot of cross-country driving, and I loved nothing more than the late night interstate drives when there was nothing but trucks on the road.

Ray at work (8 calendar days!)

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