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> From:  Sorin Srbu
> So TEK Systems are a staffing service? If that's the case, 
> prepare with something soothing for your stomach... 8-/

Yes, it's a consulting firm.  I feel as though I've sold my soul to Lucifer
doing this, since I hate consultants.  But hey, I'll be one of the good
ones, or perhaps /the/ good one.

> I have a few friends who've tried this kind of employment. 
> Most of them aren't there anymore after two years.

I don't anticipate doing this for more than two years.  Here are the
possibilities I see:

First job is 6-9 months.  At end of 6-9 months, one of three things will
        1.  Another 6-9 month job at same company
        2.  Another job at another company
        3.  Company offers me full time position

If 1, perfect.  If 2, that could be good for experience, and I'll take it.
If 3, well, that'll depend on the offer.  It's a hell of a good company to
work for (Harleysville Insurance), so I'm sure I'd consider it.

If 1 or 2 happens, after two years, I will make an attempt to just go be
Ray, Inc. or something and break off from this TEK Systems company.

If 3 happens, I'll work there until I burn out and then go after one of my
dream jobs:
        1.  Electrical department at Home Depot
        2.  Stop sign turner in road construction zones
        3.  Freelance truck driver, assuming I've saved up enough cash to
get one of these:

Ray at home

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