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On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 10:34:23 -0500, Bill Beckett wrote:

>Well, really it all boils down to are you happy? I mean we'd all 'like' to
>make more money but there's a tradeoff with flex hours, perks, benefits. If
>you know you can make more elsewhere but are happier staying where you are
>then that's what counts.

Deep down I know this too, but can't help thinking if maybe the
grasser is greener over there or not? Get my drift? 8-/

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>On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 09:57:46 -0500, Bill Beckett wrote:
>>You make $29K? You are underpaid
>I believe I am. Approximately the same services I do here at the uni, are
>paid with about 100000 SEK more a year in the industry, or as consultants. I
>do have some perks, like an informal agreement with my employer to be able
>to go to at least one conference or course a year. Also the working hours
>are pretty flexible. So the salary isn't that high, but OTOH I have perks
>that are occasionally pretty sweet.
>However as the rent increases for my flat, my overhead kinda' shrinks. Also
>the car needs petrol (Am. "gas")... Insurances have to be paid, me and my
>wife (and birds) got to eat and so on. Getting a house would probably be
>chaper in the long run, say 40 yrs, but then the housing market in Uppsala
>is pretty inflamed due to the ppl from the nearby capital city (Stockholm)
>then do abandon Stockholm and move to Uppsala with vicinity, and they bring
>a lot of money with them, raising hosuing costs. Simply put, I can't even
>afford the 10-20% down payment on a 2,5-3 million SEK house... And not even
>a big house but rather a small one, at that. 8-(
>Or maybe I'm just greedy. And besides, skilled labour isn't that easy to
>find. 8-) I also notice how IT digs its own grave in Sweden, with unions and
>ppl that don't really need a higher salary demands more and more. And how
>companies more och more outsource their IT to India and similar low-salary
>countries. Just like in Dilbert. 8-)



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