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  • From: Mark Cook <mc@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 13:33:54 +0100

Cheers, all greyed out :-/   Looking on that site now !



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Has the policy taken effect on the workstation?  You can check by going to
the control panel and opening Automatic Updates and seeing if it is grayed
out or if you can make modifications to it. If you can modify it then the
client has not gotten the policy yet.


Win2k clients must have at least SP3

XP clients must have at least SP1


Check this community web page http://www.susserver.com
<http://www.susserver.com>   lots of good info for SUS there.

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Stumbling from bloody RIS to SUS now I'm afraid, life's one big acronym :-)


Our SUS seems to have stopped working, or at least part of it.  The main SUS
server sync's with MS each day no problem, we approve what we want/need to
and the Domain Policy is set to apply this to all PC's at 7am.  Now here's
the strange thing - only some PC's get the updates / others show absolutely
no sign of activity in that area - yet all PC's are SP4 Win2K PRO !  The
policy is set to tell the clients to locate the SUS server by it's IP
address so no resolution issues ?  Anyone got any suggestions or seen this
before ?





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