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There is not a chance in hell I could ever do this.  It's depressing.
Take me back to high school and I think I could do it.  Now, 13 years
later, I don't have a clue where to begin.  I briefly discussed it with
my brother who said:

I don't have time to look at it right now, but my first thought would be
to use the natural log function to pull x out of the exponent.
e^x = 4
ln(e^x) = ln(4)
x(ln(e)) = ln(4)
x = ln(4)
Your equation may not be so easy, because you'll have ln(e^x + e^-x), so
you can't just move the x out of the exponent.

Ray at work

-----Original Message-----
From:  Ron Leach

It's been a long while in doing the math problems, so please pardon the

I was wondering if anyone would be able to help with the following math
problem (a little break from the normal stuff :-))

1/2(e^x + e^-x) = 4, solve for x.



PS  Maybe Jim has a math list? ;-)
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