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Hi Juanita,

Most likely it's an ActiveX issue.

Try this, go to internet options, click on the 'programs' tab> then click
the 'manage addons' tab near the bottom,. When that opens, Scroll down till
you find Windows Messenger, highlight it, then click the 'disable' button.
"Ok" your way out of that and it should stop being such a pest..
Alternatively you can just remove the active X itself. But this way, it's
still there if you wish to use it later on.






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How do I get rid of Windows Messanger. I have every block unchecked on the
dialog box in outlook express on messanger options. I do not see it on
startup. I used highjackthis three times before I finally go it off. I went
to Administrative tools/services/messanger/choose properties/stop is grayed
out. And says it is disabled.


Every time I open outlook It pops up in the tray again. I right click it to
exit but it says some other program is using this application. It is driving
me crazy. 


About every three days when I start to turn computer off. There is a little
dialog box looks like it is installing something. It has MSIMN written on


If it is in add and remove what do I look for? I want to think I uninstalled
Windows Messanger. I don't see it there as such.


I think it is causing me to get mmmuch spam. But it all goes to the spam
folder. I just want it off here. And lots of other things too.





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