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Well, they cost ZAR487, which is 487 South African rands, which is equal to 
roundabout $45, if you just do the currency conversion at current exchange 
rate, but, would also really depend on supply chain, etc. - would guess that 
they'd actually be a little bit cheaper there, although they're a European 
product/source, but, would really depend on where you could get hold of them, 
and, no, don't think they're delicate in terms of what output they can handle.

FWIW, my brother who's a musician/sound technician as well also says it's 
roundabout his favourite/favoured brand of audio equipment of certain types/at 
certain levels.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
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  hello Jacob. alan from new York city in the u.s. did you say they were $45 
u.s.? also can they stand loud i mean loud music or are they delicate?
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    Recently got given a set of really good quality earphones by a guy am doing 
a bit of work for, as a form of thanks, and while had just told him I'd want, 
specifically in-ear/ear canal earphones, he got me a set of some rather 
expensive ones, Sennheiser CX302 - and I say they're rather expensive, since 
the local pricing for them seems to be roundabout ZAR485 = +- USD45, but, first 
thing you notice, aside from their feature of surrounding noise cancellation, 
is just the quality/clarity of their output.

    As in, although while listening to songs/music you know well enough from 
before, some of the levels of detail, clarity, etc., are just wow!

    And, in case relevant, here's the one local product page for these 
earphones - along with a bit of their specification:

    high passive attenuation of ambient noise
     Frequency response (headphones)    19 - 20000 Hz
     Impedance    16 Ω
    Sound pressure level (SPL)    113 dB
     Jack plug    3.5 mm (angled)
     Cable length    1.2 m

    Stay well

    Jacob Kruger
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